Manuka Honey vs. Regular Honey vs. Raw Honey

by Froztech Froztech

There are many types of honey available in the market. One can get raw or regular honey, but if you want the best honey, you should go with Manuka honey. Many people are confused about Manuka honey, wonder why it’s more expensive and what its benefits are. The guide will cover the key differences between types of honey. We will see Manuka honey vs. raw honey vs. regular honey. 

Overview of Manuka honey vs. raw honey

Raw honey is the honey taken from the honeycomb in its natural state, no processed honey, and no high temperatures for manipulation of the product. Although, it is strained to remove unwanted particles. Raw honey is honey that has never been heated above 35°C. 

On the other hand, regular honey is the honey that is commonly available in the market. There are various filtration and processing done to regular honey. 

Manuka honey is the honey that is pollinated from Leptospermum scoparium (flower). It’s commonly known as Manuka bush. These are rare bushes found in Australia and New Zealand. There are medicinal benefits of this honey. 

honey vs regular honeyInjuries and wound

When it comes to comparing Manuka honey vs. raw honey, the most significant benefit of Manuka honey is treating injuries and wounds. Whether raw or regular, honey has acidic properties, which help in healing. 

Honey is famous for the antiviral properties it has. However, Manuka honey is more valuable when it comes to healing wounds and injuries. Manuka takes one step further. Not only do you get hydrogen peroxide which helps kills germs, but you also get MGO. MGO is a substance found in the Manuka plant. The substance fights with wound-causing bacteria. And as a result, it promotes healing properties. 

UMF Rating - Unique manuka factor, helps determine the amount of health properties that are countained in the honey product. This will help you treat chronic wounds as well. 

Evaluatinf all kinds of honey manuka is considered the best honey when it comes to healing and treating wounds. 

Antibacterial properties

There is a huge list of bacteria that Manuka honey helps to combat. The principal substance that has antibacterial agent is Methylglyoxal that is a component of manuka honey. Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus are the two bacteria that can cause various types of infection. 

Research shows that manual honey can attack the thin layer of the infection caused by the above bacteria, and it will stop the infection by a biofilm. If the infection becomes biofilm, it becomes extremely harder to treat the infecting. As a result, the bacterial infection will stop growing, and you will see better results in your health. 

If you want your Manuka honey to have more antibacterial properties and health benefits, you should check for the MGO rating to help determine the strength of bacterial properties in a specific volume in honey. If MGO is higher, it’s great. 

Beauty and Skincare

Manuka honey promotes healthier skin. If you consume manuka honey regularly, it will help you in smoothing the skin. You will be shocked to know, but it will also help you with acne. It contains anti-inflammatory properties which will help you with skin diseases, including acne. Hydrogen peroxide present in the Manuka honey will also lighten hyperpigmentation. As a result, the scans will start to disappear. 

In the same way, there is one more substance that plays a critical role here. It’s MGO. MGO will remove the harmful bacteria from the skin. Last but not least, DHA that stands for dihydroxyacetone, will remove the dead cell from the skin. By this, your skin will start glowing. All the elements play a vital role in making the skin smoother. 

Cost and Availability

When we see the major point of Manuka honey vs. raw honey is the cost and availability. Regarding pricing, raw and regular honey is the most affordable and the most common in supermarkets. Raw honey is a bit more expensive than regular honey, and however, Manuka honey is very expensive compared to others. Therefore, if you want to get all the benefits of Manuka, you will have to spend extra money. 

The reason why it is more expensive s because of the availability of the plant. Unlike other honey, Manuka honey is not widely found, and you will find it in New Zealand and Australia. Even in these countries, there are fewer plants available. As there is less supply and more demand, the price of the Manuka honey is more as compared to others. It has an excellent price for the value if you compare it with medicines and beauty products. 

Which Honey is Better?

By now, you will have a clear idea about Manuka honey vs. raw honey and Manuka honey vs. regular honey. The main question is which one is better?

The first thing that you need to keep in mind is the requirements. If you are taking it as an alternative to added sugar, any honey would be a good choice. However, if you also want to be healthier and have medicinal benefits, you should go with Manuka honey

Manuka honey has various properties that will help you in staying healthy. Not to mention, there are few more benefits. For instance, Manuka honey will enhance your digestive process and make your immune system better. Further, it will also help you with oral health. 

So, if being healthy is your first choice, you should always go with Manuka honey.