Replace your Cough Drops with Manuka Honey

by Froztech Froztech


If you have a cough, do you take cough drops? If you have the habit of taking cough drops, we have a better alternative. You can use Manuka honey. You may have many questions hovering in your mind, like what is it and why you should be taking it instead, right? Don’t worry; the guide will cover everything you need to know. 

What are Manuka Honey Drops?

Manuka Honey has various benefits. One of them is for the cough and sore throat. Keeping that in mind, we at OSO Manuka have come up with a perfect solution. The is Manuka honey drops. 

Just like cough drops, you can have them when you are feeling sick. It’s majorly used for cough and cold, and you can surely use them for many more health benefits. We will talk more about these later in the guide. 

One of the reasons it is a better alternative for cough drops is the “no side effects.” Manuka honey drops are made from Manuka honey which is 100% natural. Unfortunately, medicine has known side effects. 

When are Manuka honey drops useful?

Here are some scenarios where you will benefit from Organic Manuka honey drops. 

    • It can treat cough. It will coat the throat and alleviate irritation.
    • If you are feeling cold, Manuka honey increases blood flow, increasing body heat.
    • Manuka has healing properties, and it is helpful in healing wounds. In old times, Manuka was used for healing and wounding. 
    • Manuka honey is effective in treating acne and reducing the irritation of the skin. 
    • It will also balance the skin’s Ph level and aid with skin cell turnover, which will make your skin healthier. 
    • Manuka honey will soothe throats and sore throat due to its antibacterial properties, and it provides relief as it fights the bacteria.
    • It will help you with digestive problems such as acid reflux, gastritis, diarrhea, ulcers, H. pylori, and fungal infections.
    • Perfect for cough, cold flu, common cold, and allergy season

Cough Drops with Manuka Honey

What makes the best Manuka Honey Drops?

The Unique Manuka Factor. It’s the rating given based on the quantity of the components present in honey. The UMF is issued after checking the primary components of the Manuka honey. Therefore, if you focus on the UMF, you will have a clear idea about the quality of the Manuka honey. The minimum UMF that you need to look for is 10+.  

Now you know why you can use Manuka honey drops as an alternative to cough drops. We source our honey from New Zealand. It’s one of the two countries where you will find Manuka honey. OSO Manuka comes with a high UMF at a reasonable price.